Commercial Services

Soil Solutions assists commercial property owners and managers with environmental liability concerns. We evaluate Phase I site assessments reports and find cost effective solutions to the report recommendations.

The primary focus of our commercial services has been providing above & underground storage tank services. Our experience in these areas has led us to work in a wide range of settings including schools, churches, medical & dental office buildings, retail redevelopment, multi-use commercial buildings, industrial warehouses, apartment buildings and historical use gas stations. Whether the underground storage tank contained heating oil, gasoline, diesel, or waste oil, Soil Solutions can provide assistance with tank locating, registering, sampling, and decommission services.

Our project managers and field personnel have extensive experience in their fields allowing them to easily present cost effective solutions to minimize your environmental liability. Your project manager will be working with our integrated team of professionals to most effectively plan, implement, and complete the project. Projects are planned to have a minimum impact to the ongoing use of the property and to insure minimum interference with occupants.

When you contact Soil Solutions your project will be assigned to the project manager that specializes in your type of project. The project manager will be your primary contact throughout the project. You may see your project manager from time to time on site. However the majority of the inspection and repair work will be supervised and completed by our team of construction specialists. Each of our field crews are supervised by an environmental construction expert who is licensed by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. The field crew supervisor is in constant communication with your project manager allowing them to address site specific issues as they arise. Additionally, the crew supervisor supplies the project manager with digital photos to document the progress of your project. You can be assured that throughout the project you are working with trained professionals both in our office and on your property.

Commercial Tank Project Inquiries