Indoor piping of a radon system is usually installed in a basement utility room or an unfinished corner of the house. Outdoor piping of the mitigation system can be installed next to the downspout as seen in the photo above.

Radon Mitigation

The main principal in a radon mitigation system is to reverse the air pressure relationship between the indoor air and the soil beneath the home. If done correctly the air pressure in the soil will change from positive to negative relative to the indoor air. We do this by installing active soil or subslab depressurization systems that draw air from the soil beneath the home and exhaust the air above the roof.

Before a system can be installed, we conduct an inspection of the house to design a customized radon reduction solution. We inspect the home for openings to the soil such as floor-wall joints and floor cracks, sumps and floor drains, masonry walls, and crawl spaces. We also inspect the home for negative pressure sources which would compete with a depressurization system such as natural draft combustion appliances, unbalanced air distribution systems, ductwork in the soil or through crawl spaces, and exhaust fans.

Once the inspection is complete and all issues are addressed, a suction point must be chosen that will be convenient to discharge air to the outside but thatalso optimizes subslab suction. A radon exhaust fan will be installed outside the home and be connected to the soil suction point with PVC or ABS piping. The piping will be attached to the side of the home and terminate above the roof eave away from any openings. We permanently install a system performance indicator in a place where minimal effort is needed to view it. This allows an occupant of the home to easily confirm the system is working properly.

A post-mitigation measurement is always very important to ensure the system is effective in reducing the radon levels to an acceptable level. We will provide our customers with a radon measurement kit to be sent into an independent lab at their convenience.

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Overview of Radon Services

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