Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

When a Phase I ESA identifies a recognized environmental condition, most clients request to evaluate the potential impact by performing Phase II ESA. The purpose of Phase II work is to determine the presence, or absence of, identified recognized environmental conditions.

The scope of work focuses on the areas of the site most likely to exhibit detectable contaminants based on knowledge of property use and history. Soil Solutions can provide a full complement of field services including soil, groundwater and sub-slab soil gas sampling. Geophysical surveys are often employed to identify potential underground storage tanks, drywells, drain lines, disturbed soil or buried debris.

If no significant contamination is detected in the Phase II, often there is no further work required. If contamination is found at levels of concern, additional site characterization to delineate the extent of impacts and assess the level of risk may be completed to determine if cleanup is necessary.

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